Faceplate project

I finally got around to uploading new work I recently finished for a client, a Silicon Valley startup company. They've received over $26M in funding from major venture capital investors such as Google. This was a fun project, where I was the sole industrial designer, taking the product from concept to CAD. The great thing about working with startup companies is the freedom to come up with great designs, and to come up with a design language for a new brand.

The product successfully launched a couple months ago, it is a device that protects networks from hackers, and is mainly for large institutions and corporations. Each of these is being sold at something like $100,000 so unfortunately it's not the typical product you would find at a Best Buy.

It's very fulfilling to see this product launch, as most of the time, I can't show my work to the public due to confidentiality, or sometimes I work within a larger team and can't take full credit for the designs.

Please check out the project here, or if you follow me on Behance, go here.